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Wind-solar hybrid lighting system
Now PositionWind-solar hybrid lighting system

Wind-solar hybrid lighting system

Energy conservation---full use of the green energy from nature,no concumption and no pollution.
This system can be used for powering the street light,garden lamp,monitoring and communication station.
Easy to install:no need to embedded cable,saving the cost.
Application:the special desigh makes the system very popular in street light and landscaping field.
Advantage:weather changes,but there is always one resource stay with us,
and this hybrid system can full use each of the resource to keep the battery be charged constantly.
Wind-solar hybrid garden lamp system
Energy conservation:power produced by wind and sunlight,inexhaustible;
Envirmental protection:no pollution,nonradiative;
Security:no electric shock and fire accident;
Convenience:easy to install,and no worry about the power off(once you have wind or sunlight);
Low investment:one-time investment makes long term pay back;
Lifetime :designed lifetime is about 15 years.
Benefit analysis-wind-solar hybrid garden lamp system:
Compared with the investment for nomal street light system,the wind-solar hybrid garden lamp system is only one-time investment,no further maintaince .
Depends on wind and sunlight resource,the cost recovering period is one year to three yeaers.
Light source:LED
Solar panel:mono/poly
Lifetime:25 years
Battery:Gel bettery
Controller system:PLC intelligent control,preventing over charging ,over discharging,
and short-circuit.And the light can be turned on and off automatically via timing setting.
Working temperature:-30 degree to +60degree.
Production time:depends on the setting.
Height of the pole:2.2m-5.5m

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