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Beijing Global Technotrade Group(BGTG)
Address:Room 763, #14 Donzhimen South Street, Dongcheng District,Beijing, China-100027
Postal Code: 100027
Fax :0086-10-84855918
Solar cells
Now Position£ºSolar cells

NEPG is a leading governmental integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products from the production of ingots, wafers and cells to the assembly of PV modules. we are owning patented technology on silicon purification( from 2N to 8N), and also we have our own invested solar power plants with capacity of 50MW( 5 units running in China).
Meanwhile, we are also in the wind mill area and have our own wind nascle manufacturing plant.
Our products undergo rigorous internal tests and have obtained external certifications (ISO 9001, CE,IEC and TUV, etc) to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Totally, we have 30 subsidiaries in China, and Beijing Global Technotrade Group is one of them in charge of overseas market.
BGTG will be making efforts to boost the application of renewable energy technologies with its superior products and perfect service, thereby bringing a better future for the human beings.


Monocrystalline silicon wafer


Polycrystalline silicon wafer

BGTG solar wafer data sheet is as follows:


Conductive type                            P type   

Square size wafer (mm)       156.75×156.75±0.2mm

Corner (mm)                                1.4±0.5, 45°±10º

Thickness£¨μm£©                 200±20

 Resistivity ranges£¨Ω•cm£© 1-3

Doping elements                  Boron 

Carbon content£¨atoms/cm3£© ≤5*1017

Oxygen content£¨atoms/cm3£©≤1*1018

Minority-carrierLifetime£¨μs£©  Average ≥5.5 (ingot)

Surface quality                       No crack, gap, missing Angle, perforated, window, microcrystalline

Warping degrees£¨μm£©     ≤50

Neighbouring vertical degree    90±0.5°

Side damage£¨mm£©         ≤0.5mm£¨length£©×0.3mm£¨width£©£¬(not more than 2 per wafer )

Line mark£¨μm£©                 ≤15

Light attenuation rate           ≤2%



BGTG Solar Cells:


Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell 3BB (λÖÃ2).jpg

Polycrystiline silicon solar cell 3BB (Customized)


Polycrystiline silicon solar cell 4BB 

Data sheet of 4BB poly solar cells is as follows for reference:

BGTG -P156.75 4BB.jpg

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