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Beijing Global Technotrade Group(BGTG)
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Silicon Purification
Now Position:Silicon Purification


Products Properties
Slogging of Industrial Silicon and Purified Industrial Silicon with slags invented by BGTG is a continuous producing process and effective reduction of B , followed by smashing and leaching . Content of B within 4-5N High-Purity Silicon is less than 0.1ppmw.
By precisely controlling the solidification behavior of molten silicon, metallic elements that have small segregation coefficient can be aggregated in the latest solidified part of ingot and removed easily. The total metal content of this 5-5.5N polycrystalline silicon is less than 0.2ppmw.
5-5.5N polycrystalline silicon is processed with electron beam in a high vacuum furnace. P that has a high saturated vapor pressure can be reduced to 0.25ppmw or below, total metal content can be controlled less than 0.1ppmw, and 6-7N SOG-Si is achieved.
SOG-Si produced by BGTG is more costly and less energy consuming , competitive than that made from Siemens Chemical Method.
Metallurgical Method of SOG – Si production in terms of investment is much lower compare to Siemens’s Chemical Method.
Metallurgical Method is an environmental friendly to produce SOG-Si.
Silicon left with much of impurity is being used as
Industrial silicon and can be purified twice to sell. In our process of production , processed &used acid is recycled by ion exchange resin treatment and recycling for purification & 95.8% of the volume can be reused.



We own professional PV modules assembling workshop. All equipments for producing and testing are advanced and top ranking equipments.






Solar Inot


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