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Beijing Global Technotrade Group(BGTG)
Address:Room 763, #14 Donzhimen South Street, Dongcheng District,Beijing, China-100027
Postal Code: 100027
Fax :0086-10-84855918
Now Position:Company


Beijing Global Technotrade Group (BGTG) is one of the subsidiaries of Ningxia Electrical Power Group (NEPG) which is the biggest governmental solar and wind energy product manufacturer and the new energy related patented technology owner. BGTG is a leading professionally manufacturing & trading enterprise engaged in producing, trading from concept to commissioning of Solar, Wind and Thermal based power products and plants, consulting & contracting around the globe. Many more areas of engineering, we are covering the completely value chain from Silicon Metal Purification N2 to N7 , Wafer Producing, Solar Cell & PV Modules manufacturing, Solar & Wind Application Products, till PV Power generation are all our focus.
BGTG is a global leader in the development, production & sales of premium brand components as an energy management group. We focus on high quality, excellent service, long-term cooperation. Each product of ours is being manufactured under strict control standards and using the best materials. Our testing procedures are not only under harsh climates but also for longevity resulting in a reliable and sound long term investment with an extensive range of products.

Specialization through consultancy, project construction & contracting in the field of solar power, wind power and thermal power had given great success to our group & we are willing to do the same for you. Design, Consultancy, Integration, Supplying, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance backed by an experienced team of design and integration experts is our hard core.

Continuous research & development work of our associates has kept us and our products on great global demand, 80% of our products have been exported to US and Europe countries for long time, which have earned BGTG a very high reputation. Up to the end of 2013, we have acquired solar cells plants in Changzhou, Jiujiang and Luoyang city, now we have 800MW cells manufacturing capacity, annual production of solar cells has achieved 100MW for mono cells and 700MW for poly cells respectively, we have also shared our advantages of quality products and timely services to the booming solar market like China, Indonesia, India and middle-east countries, which has made us really proud.
BGTG is a combination of highly efficient power electronics technocrats and management skill. High technical level and rich project management experience, satisfied after-sale service system and enthusiasm of our team has impressed many of our overseas customers.
To create an environmentally friendly renewable & free source of energy , customer satisfaction, concern for people, commitment for highly efficient power electronics technology that can bring significant benefits to Solar Energy farms are our philosophy , Consistent profitability for our customer is our motto. The BGTG team with conception of innovation, hard working on strengthening the economic & business cooperation between China & India is going to bridge two great Asian countries.
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Address: Room 1819,Unit 1,No.317 Datunli,Chaoyang District,Beijing, China-100101 Hotline:010-84855928
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